Thursday, 1 March 2018

Forrest Whitaker Portrays Desmond Tutu in 'The Forgiven'

Set in South Africa's post Apartheid era,  The Forgiven stars  Forrest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland, Black Panther) as  Archbishop Desmond Tutu , who  meets with a convicted  murderer (Eric Bana) seeking redemption.

 Directed  by  Roland  Joffe, this factual drama is set to be released on the 9th of March. 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

VIDEO: Deleted 'Black Panther Scenes'

                                                             Source: Looper 

VIDEO: Most Memorable Movie Closing Lines

Think of the movies whose closing lines always stay in the mind, that you simply can't forget it. 

Source: WatchMojo 

VIDEO: Most Memorable Movie Opening Lines

Grab The Popcorn and Watch.... 

Source: WatchMojo

Monday, 26 February 2018

Happy Birthday Tunde Kelani!

Here’s wishing one of Nigeria’s most prolific filmmakers Tunde Kelani a very hearty happy birthday as he clocks 70 today. Founder of Mainframe Productions, the versatile cinematographer, producer and director studied at the London Film School, making  several memorable films which has left their lasting influential mark in Nigerian Cinema; the most recent being Sidi Ilujinle, an adaptation of Wole Soyinka’s classic play, The Lion and The Jewel.
His other works include Arugba,  Maami, Campus Queen, Kosegbe, Ti Oluwa Ni Le, Oleku, Thunderbolt and Abeni.

Wishing the maestro many more years!